Finishes - Laminate  
  Fusion Maple Anigre Executive Cherry Mocha Cherry Chocolate Pear Tree          
  Hardrock Maple Pearwood Cognac Kona Blend Black          
  Edge Profiles    

Magna casegoods and conference lines are available in a variety of edge profiles with different thickness options. WoodPlus™ is a unique European 3mm PVC edge that exemplifies long-term performance with the grain-through appearance of wood. Magna also offers natural hardwood edge options that are finished in an environmentally preferred water-based stain and clear topcoat process. Edge profiles are designed to meet a variety of stylistic preferences.

  WoodPlus PVC / 3mm Hardwood Detailed Hardwood  
  WoodPlus PVC / 3mm Hardwood - Neo Classic WoodPlus PVC / 3mm Hardwood - Reeded WoodPlus PVC / 3mm Hardwood - Smooth   Detailed Hardwood - Beveled Detailed Hardwood - Classic Detailed Hardwood - Radius Detailed Hardwood - Reeded Detailed Hardwood - Transitional  
  Neo Classic (E) Reeded (R) Smooth (S)   Beveled (B) Classic (C) Radius (D) Reeded (R)
Transitional (T)

  Conference Hardwood    
  Edge 2100 Edge 2200 Edge 3200 Edge 3400  
  2100 (W) 2200 (Y) 3200 (H) 3400 (F)  

Magna pulls are available in two styles with silver or black finish options. Pull size and locations are intentionally designed to provide the best functionality and beauty to the Magna product lines.

  Pull 30 Pull 31 Pull 12 Pull 13            
  Pull 30
Finish: Black
Pull 31
Finish: Silver
Pull 12
Finish: Black
Pull 13
Finish: Silver


  Care & Maintenance    
  • Liquid cleaners without abrasive materials in their formulation are very effective for the removal of superficial stains that may not come off with mild soap and water.
  • Avoid gritty or abrasive cleaners and bleach or acetone solutions.